Let customers check-in, in their own time before they reach your dealership.

No morning queues and a better customer experience.

Tjekvik Home Check-In Hero image mobile

Multiple Check in options

Provide customer choice at log in using either their license plate, booking code, or phone number for a simple check-in experience.

Tjekvik home mobile checkin

Correct customer data

Increase deliverability rates by updating and removing outdated contact information. Ensure customer contact data is updated directly to your DMS, all fields fully customisable.

Tjekvik Correct customer data

Transparent work orders

Align expectations and let customers catch potential miscommunication in advance. Comments enable your customer service team to expedite and handle cases with full transparency.

Tjekvik mobile transparent data

Automated sales

Grow revenue automatically while helping customers choose between value added items or services related to their current situation, seasonal add-ons, or relevant group campaigns.

Tjekvik mobile kiosk automated sales

Customer data capture

Collect important data points directly from your customers to grow marketing efforts, make informed business decisions, and create transparency in your organisation.

Tjekvik mobile data capture

Step by step customer guidance

Prevent confused customers arriving at your dealership by confirming their successful check-in and communicating next steps.

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