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We always look for new talent to welcome to our international commercial and technical teams.

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We are motivated by our passion for our work and our belief in the digital future.

Here at Tjekvik, we believe in being open and honest, and that quality should always come first. We also value innovation, expertise, and teamwork, which allows us to continually improve and provide the best possible products and services.
Transparency and responsibility are key values for us, as we believe in open communication and taking ownership of our work.

Tjekvik careers values

We're a team, a family, and a community, and we always work together towards our vision.

At Tjekvik, we’re all about teamwork, cooperation, and having a great workplace where everyone is supported and encouraged to be their best. We’re friendly and open-minded, and we believe in fairness, creativity, and ambition. We have great people with diverse backgrounds, which creates a synergy that’s special.
The Tjekvik spirit is all about innovation, creativity, and energy. We’re digital, international, and always looking for the next challenge.

Tjekvik self service solutions
Scott from Tjekvik

"Tjekvik is full of great people who all work towards the common goal of showing our customers how Tjekvik can improve the aftersales process. I enjoy talking with our clients on a daily basis, helping make Tjekvik part of their everyday process."