Tjekvik Integrates with Vyne, Streamlining Payments in Aftersales 

In an exciting development for car dealerships, Tjekvik, a leader in self-service technologies, has partnered with Vyne, a specialist in Open Banking powered account-to-account payments. This collaboration is set to transform the automotive aftersales process, addressing long-standing issues such as inefficient payment systems, lengthy wait times, and tedious paperwork. 

Key benefits of the Tjekvik and Vyne partnership 

  • Enhanced customer experience: 

Tjekvik’s intuitive self-service solutions, combined with Vyne’s secure payment technology, simplify the check-out process. Customers can now check out and pay using their mobile devices and pick up their keys via kiosks at the dealership. This integration significantly reduces wait times and improves overall customer satisfaction. 

  • Compatibility with existing systems: 

One of the standout features of the Tjekvik and Vyne partnership is the seamless integration with most dealer management systems (DMS). This compatibility ensures that dealers can implement the technology hassle-free. 

  • Instant payment settlement boosts cash flow: 

With Vyne, payments are settled almost instantaneously, providing dealerships with a real-time view of their finances. This rapid transaction process ensures that funds are received even before the customer arrives to pick up their vehicle, enhancing the dealership’s operational efficiency and financial stability. 

  • Streamlined operational processes: 

Integrating Vyne Pay with Tjekvik’s systems allows dealerships to bypass the traditional complexities associated with payment processing. This partnership eliminates the need for manual entries and subsequent reconciliation, thereby freeing up valuable time for dealers to focus on customer service and the work that matters. 

  • Reduced costs and increased security: 

By leveraging Vyne’s Open Banking technology, dealerships can avoid the hefty fees associated with card transactions and manual bank transfers. This system not only cuts transaction costs by up to 80% but also minimises the risk of fraud. Payments made through this system require biometric authentication, which significantly lowers the chances of fraud and chargebacks, thus providing a safer transaction environment. 

Transforming the automotive aftersales experience 

The collaboration between Tjekvik and Vyne is more than just a technological upgrade—it is a step towards redefining the automotive aftersales experience. By addressing critical pain points such as payment inefficiencies, customer wait times, and operational delays, this partnership empowers dealerships to deliver superior service. 

Dealerships ready to enhance their customer experience and operational efficiency can look forward to a streamlined, secure, and cost-effective solution, all thanks to the innovative integration of Tjekvik’s self-service technology with Vyne’s advanced payment systems. 

Ready to transform your dealership’s payment processes and improve your customer service? Discover how Tjekvik and Vyne can elevate your business operations and customer satisfaction today. 

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