Streamlining the Courtesy Car Experience: Tjekvik and RentLog’s Innovative Solution

Streamlining the courtesy car experience

In a world where efficiency and convenience are paramount, Tjekvik and RentLog have joined forces to revolutionise the process of collecting and dropping off courtesy cars for automotive service customers. Their innovative solution not only eliminates lengthy queues but also offers a seamless digital journey for clients, reducing administrative burdens on service reception staff. Let’s dive into this groundbreaking collaboration and see how it’s reshaping the aftersales experience.

The Collaborative Solution

Since May 2023, Tjekvik, a leader in intelligent self-service technologies for dealer aftersales, and RentLog, a digital rental management solutions developer, have been working together to create a solution that streamlines the entire courtesy car process. The results have been remarkable, offering benefits for both dealerships and customers alike.

Mads Nielsen, from Kjærsgaard Auto A/S in Aalborg, expressed the transformation this collaboration has brought to their operations. He stated, “We have had Tjekvik’s self-service solution in our dealership for 3 years, and recently, we became a RentLog integration pilot. It has transformed our operations. We can now offer a seamless digital journey to all our customers, including those who need a replacement car, which makes up 50-60% of our customer base. Our customers benefit from being able to confirm their rental car and workshop visits from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, they can quickly drop off their car and pick up the rental, minimizing the time they spend at the workshop. Our end-to-end self-service process reduces the workload of our staff, simplifies administrative tasks, and reduces the pressure on the aftersales department. Furthermore, it allows our customer team to plan in advance, making the rental process more efficient and eliminating morning stress. I highly recommend this innovative solution from Tjekvik and RentLog!”

This innovative solution not only enhances the customer experience but also empowers the dealership’s customer service team to plan more efficiently, resulting in a more streamlined rental process and less morning stress for all parties involved.

How It Works

Customers who book a courtesy vehicle during a service or repair now have the option to enter their driver details and upload a picture of their driver’s license online, all from the comfort of their own homes. This integration seamlessly combines Tjekvik’s digital check-in solution with RentLog’s rental platform. The process is as easy as it gets, allowing customers to complete these steps with ease and convenience.

Upon arrival at the dealership, customers can utilise the Tjekvik kiosk to sign their rental and insurance agreement and collect vehicle keys from secure lockers built into the kiosk. The kiosk offers detailed information about the courtesy vehicle’s location and facilitates the transfer of personal belongings from the customer’s own car to the courtesy vehicle. Customers can then proceed with checking in their vehicle via the kiosk, further reducing the need for in-person interaction. Returning the courtesy vehicle is just as straightforward, with customers using the kiosk to provide feedback, return keys, and complete the check-out process.

This integrated system significantly reduces the potential for lengthy queues, especially during peak periods, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. As Michal Zarychta, Head of Product at Tjekvik, points out, “The entire process reduces the potential for lengthy queues at dealerships, particularly during peak periods, to improve the overall customer journey.”

Furthermore, this innovative approach allows service advisers to allocate more time to customers who need personalised assistance rather than getting tied up in rental paperwork and showing customers to courtesy vehicles. It’s a win-win for both customers and service staff.

Enhancing the Dealer Experience

This collaborative solution not only benefits customers but also provides dealers with new opportunities for upselling. Tjekvik’s digital check-in system can be used to promote value-added products and services, such as seasonal tires, air conditioning checks, and service plans. Customers, empowered by the digital experience, are more likely to engage with these offerings on their own terms, reducing the workload for service advisers and providing dealers with additional revenue streams.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Tjekvik and RentLog has ushered in a new era of efficiency and convenience in the courtesy car process for automotive service customers. By digitalising check-in and rental procedures, this innovative solution simplifies the entire experience, reduces queues, and enhances the overall customer journey. With its potential for upselling and increased revenue streams, dealerships can look forward to a brighter, more efficient future.

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