Tjekvik and RTC Unveil Enhanced Integration for Automotive Retailers

Tjekvik and RTC

In the fast-evolving world of automotive aftersales, efficiency and customer experience are paramount. Tjekvik, known for its intelligent self-service technology, and RTC, specialists in integrated software for automotive retailers, have joined forces to revolutionise dealership operations. Their newly improved integration promises to elevate efficiency, transparency, and environmental sustainability, transforming the automotive aftersales experience.

Redefining Automotive Aftersales

Tjekvik’s best-in-class software and hardware combination have already set a high standard for seamless check-in and check-out processes at car dealerships. Coupled with RTC’s integrated software solutions that streamline sales and aftersales operations, the collaboration brings an unparalleled level of flexibility and efficiency to automotive retailers.

Key Features of the Enhanced Integration

Real-Time Appointment Status Updates

The new integration ensures that appointment status updates from Tjekvik are instantly visible within RTC. This real-time visibility allows dealership staff to stay informed and respond promptly to any changes or updates, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Paperless Workflow

A standout feature of this integration is the seamless digital flow of signatures and documents. Whether customers check in from home or at a kiosk, their signatures are directly integrated into the digital work order in RTC. This eliminates the need for printing, thus reducing the environmental impact and simplifying document management.

Enhanced Communication and Visibility

Customer responses and additional service requests captured during the check-in process are automatically populated in the notes section of the digital work order. This comprehensive recording of customer interactions ensures that all team members are well-informed, fostering better communication and a more responsive dealership environment.

Benefits of the Improved Integration

  1. Efficient Workflow and Timesaving: The integration eliminates manual data entry by automatically updating appointment status, signatures, and customer responses in RTC. This streamlined workflow reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.
  2. Paperless Process: By transitioning to a digital system, dealerships can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. The automated flow of signatures and documents into RTC not only supports sustainability efforts but also simplifies the overall document management process.
  3. Enhanced Visibility and Communication: Real-time updates and comprehensive notes ensure that all relevant information is readily available to the entire team. This level of transparency enhances internal communication, enabling a more coordinated and efficient operation.

A Testimonial from the Sinclair Group

Grant Stokes, Compliance Manager at the Sinclair Group, shared his experience with the pilot launch of the improved integration:

“We were keen to be part of the pilot launch, and the impact on our dealership operations was remarkable. The seamless integration not only saved us time but also enhanced our communication and overall efficiency.”

Embrace the Future of Dealership Operations

With Tjekvik and RTC’s enhanced integration, automotive retailers can look forward to a more efficient, transparent, and environmentally friendly future.

Dealerships ready to embrace this advanced integration will not only streamline their operations but also lead the way in sustainable practices. Join Tjekvik and RTC in revolutionising the automotive aftersales journey – a seamless, paperless, and efficient path to success.

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