Utilise digital self-service to deliver targeted aftersales upselling opportunities 

Smart rules Tjekvik

The customer journey within retail and e-commerce has been adapting to consumer preferences for many years. While strategic pricing and promotions are used to draw in customers, today’s buyers are demanding greater levels of personalisation, with unique offers and experiences tailored to their own needs and requirements. 

According to research carried out by McKinsey & Company, targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth by 10-30%. Similarly, research from Twilio found that UK consumers will tend to spend 15% more with brands that personalise engagements, with 71% of respondents saying that personalised experiences increase their brand loyalty. However, some companies believe that consumers actually spend 41% more when engagement is personalised. 

Improving Aftersales Results By Using Consumer Insights

Tjekvik’s digital check-in and check-out aftersales solutions help dealers promote value-added products and services, consumable items like wiper blades, season-specific offers, air conditioning checks and service plans. High conversion rates reflect the fact that customers often prefer to be sold products and services at a time more convenient for them. Last year, Tjekvik’s digital upselling tools led to 154,000 UK customers purchasing additional items during the digital check-in process, totalling over £5.8million worth of revenue.  

By listening to customer preferences, as evidenced in the surveys noted above, Tjekvik has been working to make these value-added items even more targeted, so dealers can promote those items that are most relevant to each customer and the vehicle they own. 

By offering precisely targeted upsell items based on vehicle make, model, and work order details, Tjekvik’s new Smart Rules software works to boost upsell revenue and maximise dealer profitability. Customers receive only the most relevant offers, making their check-in experience efficient, enjoyable, and more likely to lead to positive feedback and increased loyalty.  

This smart functionality is increasingly important with the growing adoption of EVs. The dealership can define personalised customer journeys based on the customer type (retail or fleet)​, brand, model​ and work order content, and then present a product or service better suited to the customer. For example, an EV driver will not be presented with top-up oil, but instead be offered charging credits. Similarly, diesel drivers can be presented with an AdBlue top-up, while those with a warranty that’s due to expire can be offered an extension to their existing package.  

The Tjekvik system can scale these personalised customer journeys across entire dealership groups with the click of a button. Using the example of JLR’s new ‘House of Brands’ set-up, where Jaguar, Range Rover, Discovery and Defender lines each have their own dedicated sections, a dealer group can create offers to present to customers of all sites in a single process, or pick selected sites for particular offers, such as bike racks for Discovery customers, or luxury floor mats for Range Rover customers.  

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