Make check-in and check-out the easiest part of everyone’s day

Tjekvik is an intelligent self-service technology that makes automotive aftersales a better experience for everyone.

Tjekvik self service solutions

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Tjekvik home check in

Vehicle check-in and out shouldn’t be hard work for anyone.

‍That's why we built Tjekvik.

This intuitive self-service technology lets your customers check-in and out how, when and where they want – at home, in the dealership or securely outdoor. Your customers are free to get on with their day and your aftersales team are free to get on with the work that really matters.
Happier customers, happier team. It’s aftersales check-in and out as it should be.

Tjekvik self service solutions


Tjekvik home icon

Let customers check-in in their own time before they reach your dealership – no morning queues and a better customer experience.


At the kiosk or on the tablet with an aftersales advisor, our in-dealership technology means customers can check in at the dealership in a way that works for them on the day.


Tjekvik Outdoor

Make 24/7 check-in and check-out possible with our secure outdoor kiosks designed for the always-on world we live in today.


Tjekvik pickup

Bring check-in,check-out and pick-up to where your customers are for maximum convenience. At the train station, the airport, anywhere.

Free your team to focus their effort where it really counts, including spending time with customers that need or want 1-1 time.

As more customers choose the self service route, Tjekvik frees up aftersales advisor time for daily tasks that often get missed.  
A happier, less stressed, but more productive team, and more meaningful customer interactions.

Tjekvik self service solutions

Powerful integrations that work out of the box

We’ve done the hard work of making sure Tjekvik integrates with your DMS, so you don’t have to. It syncs seamlessly with most ecosystems without the need for any fixes or workarounds.

It’s technology that just works.

Tjekvik solutions

Does the upselling for you

Tjekvik automatically and consistently prompts customers to purchase add-on products or services, helping you effortlessly grow revenue.

Tjekvik Kiosk