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Why digitalisation could be the answer to the automotive skills shortage

By 2031, there will be a 160,000 shortfall of workers in the automotive industry. That’s according to an Institute of Motor Industry report. With job vacancies already at a five-year high, this is a frightening statistic. But what if there was a way you could bridge the skills shortage by digitising your business?

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Revving up for a digital future: 2023 insights from automotive industry leaders

The automotive industry is currently facing the challenge of keeping up with the rapid pace of digitalisation, which is an essential factor for retaining customers and remaining competitive. As technology becomes more integrated with everyday life, customers start to expect digital options at every stage of the customer journey. Here at Tjekvik and Real Time Communications (RTC) we put our heads together to answer the question ‘What does great in digital mean in 2023?’. In this article, we will share insights from key people at RTC, Tjekvik and Inchcape, our valued customer, and a global automotive distributor

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